From finding your space to building and managing your perfect home or office, we are the ultimate destination to your real estate journey.

The Arora Group is India's first group of privately held real estate companies, established in 1947 and headquartered in New Delhi. Our companies operate in four lines of businesses that drive The Arora Group: RE consulting, RE development, Facility Management and Ventures. Experts at The Arora Group are responsible for providing pioneering real estate solutions across the investment value spectrum and for all property types. We hold an industry-leading commitment to value creation, trust, and sustainability.

In 1947 a bold Mr. K. J. Arora found Hitkari Cycles their first office in Mumbai and Delhi. His ideology forms the basis of our mission through the years.

Our Mission

We want to innovate the best real estate strategy that enhances our society's professional and personal life.


The senior management at The Arora Group of Companies consists of a smart, close-knit team of professionals with varied experiences and exposures in the industry. The consulting team has structured some of the most valuable and complex transactions since its inception. Under the ARC team, our assets are developed and managed by a vast spectrum of project managers, technicians, and allied specialists. The Arora Group was founded by Chairman Emeritus, KJ Arora who passed on the reigns to Rajesh Arora, Chairman. He is responsible for converting a successful consulting business into a trusted engine that delivers complete real estate solutions. With over 33 years of experience in the real estate industry, he has played a strategic and executive role in the development of the company. He currently leads a team of 200+ members serving retail, corporate and institutional sectors of the Indian market. Under his guidance, Manik Arora serves as the Director of Business Development, infusing an entrepreneurial spirit in the group's legacy.

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